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Jon McAuliffe


Leadoff track from "Old School Moderne."  This is a song about snakes - of the two legged variety.  We've all encountered a few in our lives.  :-)  Rob Carlson - Amistar Resophonic Mandolin; Patti McAuliffe - snake rattle; harmony vocal; George Pratt - violin; Jeff Root - bass; Tom Ruckey - drums; Deke Rivers - tambourine; Jon - lead & harmony vocals; acoustic guitar.



Here, rattler, here    Here, rattler, here

Here, rattler, here    Here, here, rattler, here


(There's) snakes here in the city, in the country, too

They walk about on two legs, just like me and you

They're coiled and they're cunning, always set to strike

Even if you cut their head off, that severed head can bite




Never trust a viper, no matter what they say

They speak with forked tongue, they look on you as prey

You buddy up with serpents, you make a big mistake

He can shed his skin, but that reptile's still a snake




The snake beguiled Eve, that's how it all began

Eve beguiled Adam, Adam bought the ranch

They come on oh, so suddenly, they'll put you in a trance

Slithering and hissing until you are dispatched




Words and Music © 2013 by Jon McAuliffe/Mystery Kiss Music (BMI)

Jon McAuliffe


This song was written as a response to the Wall Street/banking crisis of 2008, but people ask me if it's aimed at the Trump administration.  I guess it could be.


Okay, I guess I get it, what's your next move?

And don't you try to pin the blame on me

It's clear to everybody else except you

You've only fooled yourself with your deceit


The sun is going down now, the light is almost gone

The temperature is falling, there's darkness comin' on


You cannot lie your way around this, this time

Your motivation's all too clear to see

You violated so many for so long

Now all of them just want to see you bleed




I can't help but wonder if you've ever given just one thought

To the damage in your wake, the sincerity you fake


I don't believe that anything will change you

I'd be amazed to learn you had a heart

The trail of tragedy you've left behind you

Illuminates the monster that you are



Words and Music © 2011 by Jon McAuliffe/Mystery Kiss Music (BMI) 


Jon McAuliffe


Technology's information highway moves at ever increasing speed with questionable benefit to humanity.  Simultaneously, nature moves at another, slower speed, but its pace is far deadlier.  Without some conscious realignment of these two forces, we're headed for a crash.  Rob Carlson - electric lead guitar; Jeff Root - bass; Tom Ruckey - drums; Patti McAuliffe - harmony vocals; Jon - lead & harmony vocals, electric & acoustic rhythm guitars.



Right Now!  Pedal to the metal and a tank fulla gas

Right Now!   Roarin' down the highway but it ain't gonna last

There's something up the road, waiting to explode

Right Now!


Get that sucker started, pop the clutch and drive

Wheelies, donuts, burnt out, good luck stayin' alive




Sick with white line fever, it's all we care about

Burnin' up the asphalt is all that matters now




No one heeds the warning until after the crash

No one thinks on what's been lost until it's smoke and ash



Right Now!  Lookin' to the future, disregardin' the past

Right Now!  Wrecked and runnin' riot like some iconoclast

What goes up must come down, what don't is sure to drown

Right Now!


Words and Music © 2013 by Jon McAuliffe/Mystery Kiss Music (BMI)

Jon McAuliffe


There is a longing deep within every heart for peace and transcendent tranquility and I believe that place exists in some, as yet unknown form, in eternity.

Jon - lead and harmony vocals; acoustic guitar; Patti McAuliffe - vocal harmonies; harmonica; Charlie DeVane - bass; George Pratt - violins; Phil Punch - congas


I got business 'cross the river, hallelujah

I got business up the road, around the bend

I got business 'cross the river, hallelujah

I got business at the river's end

Now someone's down upon their knees and they're just prayin'

For the water that refreshes souls anew

But the rain that feeds the river's always fallin'

Fillin' up the river just for me and you 


'Cross the river our eyes will open

We will lay our burdens down

We will sing a song of deliverance

When we hear the river's sound

Someone's thirsting but they will not drink the water

Someone's searching but they will not read the signs

Still the river rolls on, can't you hear it singing

Calling out to every troubled mind



I got business 'cross the river, hallelujah

I got business at the river's end

Words & Music © 2011 by Jon McAuliffe/Mystery Kiss Music (BMI)

Jon McAuliffe


Inspired by a wonderful barbeque meal with all the fixins at the King's Palace Cafe on Beale Street.  Oh yeah, and a visit to Elvis' Graceland Mansion and the lovely people of Memphis, Tennessee.  Jon - lead vocal &  acoustic guitar; Seth Connelly - electric guitars; Rebecca Cline - piano; Don Croad - drums; Peter Tillotson - bass; Robin Winter & Bernadette Wiemer - harmonies.




Headin’ down south, I-40 west 

I gotta get back to the place I love best 

I gotta get me some of that barbecue

Down at the King’s Palace Café or The Rendezvous



I gotta get back to Memphis, I gotta get back to Memphis

I gotta get back to Memphis if it’s the last thing I do


The home of Stax Records, Sun Records, too

They tell me that Beale Street’s the Home of the Blues

Elvis Presley’s Graceland is standin’ still

It’s only 225 miles from Nashville





Take me down past the fragrant Mississippi

Back to Mclemore Avenue

I wanna reminisce about the Staple Singers,

Rufus Thomas and Howlin’ Wolf


Those Memphis folks, they’re really the best

From the North to the South, from the East to the West

A smile for a stranger, a “howdy, you all!

Y’all come back, you don’t even have to call”



Words & Music © 2007, 2010. 2011 by Jon McAuliffe/Mystery Kiss Music (BMI)

Jon McAuliffe


2011 Great American Song Contest Finalist in Folk/Americana category.  There's way too much division in America, and people trying very hard to increase that division.  We're all in this together, whether we realize that or not.  Seth Connelly - lead guitar, bass and percussion; Don Croad - drums; Robin Winter, Bern Wiemer & Jenny Jones - harmonies; Jon - lead vocal & acoustic guitar.



Well now if ya wanna dissipate the darkness 

Ya know ya got to shine your light

Tear down the walls that divide and separate us

And help the blind regain their sight



We got to tear down every wall, now children

Got to tear down every wall

We got to “ooooooooo” early in the mornin’

Got to tear down every wall


We got war among the Christians, Muslims and Jews

War between the straight and gay

Everybody talkin’ ‘bout peace and understanding

Somethin’s lost in translation ‘long the way


Now the left say the right’s mean spirited and cold

The right say the left’s unsound

Both sides are buildin’ up walls of separation

Got to tear these walls on down




Jesus met the woman at the well

He asked her for a drink o’ water

He didn’t care that she was a Samaritan

He laid the love o’ God on her


Now I don’t mean to sound religious

I know that turns some people off

But if you don’t resist the devil when he comes around

Ya know you’re surely gonna pay the cost



(Alt. Verse):  They occupied Main Street and Wall Street

They didn’t need violence or guns

Do the math and you will easily see

That 99 is more than 1




Everywhere greed and corruption

Everywhere some evil plan

The poor victimized by the rich and powerful

They think that we don’t understand





Words & Music © 2009 by Jon McAuliffe/Mystery Kiss Music (BMI)

Jon McAuliffe


Trains.  Next to the highway, trains may be the most romantic symbol of America.  Patti McAuliffe - harmonies; Leo Egan - pedal steel guitar; Don Croad - drums; Seth Connelly - bass; Jon, lead vocal & acoustic guitar.



Southern Special, take me down the line

I’m leavin’ Mississippi underneath the pale moonlight

Southern Special, hear that engine whine

I’m gonna jump that train and leave my troubles behind


Well ya know My Baby Left Me, she slammed that door in my face

I gotta get across the border, got no time to waste

Southern Special, rollin’ through the rain

I’m standin’ here waitin’ just to ride your Mystery Train


Southern Special, take me to Tennessee

My luck will improve if I can just locate Marie

Southern Special, please have mercy on me

I got rolled in Louisiana, now I’m broke as a man can be


Well I hitchhiked from Detroit, all the way to Ville Platte

I gotta make Memphis by dawn, there ain’t no doubt about that

Southern Special, slow up as you go by

Say won’tcha do me a favor and let this po’ boy ride


Train I ride, 16 coaches long

Words & Music © 2010, 2011 by Jon McAuliffe/Mystery Kiss Music (BMI)